There is a certain smell of a brand new car. It brings joy to our hearts and we feel the luxurious moment of “it is mine.” It is the same feeling I get when I bake. I go outside and when I come back in I can smell the baked goods. “Oh yum,” I think to myself, but sometimes the goodies are not so good. Everyday is a time of exploration and adventure. Yet any minute, it can change our lives. However, we live with ups and downs of everyday life.

At one time during the day an experience or adventure can produce excitement and joy then the next minute we face a fall from this joy. We want to cling to the good moments and we become at-tached, only wanting more. Yet everything is in a constant flux of change and we are faced each and every moment with the ever-changing phenomenon of impermanence.

Who wants to experience the “downs” in life? However, these experiences can make us strong-er and we can learn from these “down” moments. Without having these experiences we would not know what our “ups” could be or how they make us feel. Yet we tend to become attached to only the “ups” in life. We must learn to listen and to think. It is a difficult path to follow because we only want the joys that make us happy. It sounds strange, but we can be grateful and thankful for the learning experience and we share our Namu Amida Butsu for those moments that make us think.

Our everyday “dips” can be of the littlest things. It may be a craving or desire; whatever it is, it creates the craving for more. Our blind passion of greed and impatience will eventually show its ugly features. We would do anything to get what we want. But do we ever stop to think and listen to the inner self? Whatever we want, we want then and now; but sometimes it does not happen that way and that is when our anger appears. We do not stop and listen to the inner self. We only have our greed. This is only human nature.

When our desires are met, we are thrilled but eventually the novelty will disappear and we are left with the passion of wanting that moment to stay with us. We want it again and again. We have to stop, listen and think. We have to look at our ego.

It is amazing how this little three-letter word is so huge. It dominates so much of our time. This word plays so much on our true self. We have to try to control it within our “inner self”, but it is so much easier to allow this word to control us, rather than us control our ego. This is the time of Namu Amida Butsu.

It will guide and direct us and give us some time to think, listen to our “inner self” and to begin to teach us of our selves. We have time but do we stop and think upon the teachings? Our desires will never stop, however, we can be more mindful and give thought to these blind passions of greed, an-ger, impatience, ignorance and that word, ego. We can have desires or cravings, however we have to give thought of its limits.


Rev. Naomi Seijo Nakano
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Res. Minister: Rev. Naomi Seijo Nakano
We are shaped by our thoughts,
We become what we think. When
The mind is pure, joy follows like
A shadow that never leaves.
~Words of the Buddha
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Sept. 1, 2019
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