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Dear Friends of IBS,

     It is the purpose of the Institute of Buddhist Studies and its ministerial students to deepen the understanding of Shinran’s words so that the Nembutsu teachings become the peaceful path of many.

     “…For these dreams to come to fruition …we need to do our part, in our time to make it happen for the future generations…we ask for your continued annual support for 2015 and the years to come.”

Rev. Seigen Yamaoka

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Editor's Note

February and March Minister’s message has been very thought provoking. I sympathize with the victim’s parents and family. However, after reading this I wonder what the “Bully” is feeling and has felt, what effect this incident has had on him/her (doesn’t state if the bully was male or female), the “Bully’s” fam-
ily, friends and others around this person. What are the “Bully’s” parent(s) feeling right now? What effect or affect has this had on you? Will this incident effect others in the near future? Will there be action taken by police and law makers that could cause reactions in the future? These articles showing how we are all interconnected don’t forget “cause and conditions”.

In Gassho, Barry